Milo – R.I.P. Beautiful Boy

Close to 12 years old, Mibo was found on a bridge in a small town in Taiwan. He was crated (like most dogs in Taiwan) in a crate much too small for him and that’s where he spent most of his life. Mibo was exhausted when he was sent to the vet. He fell asleep once he touched the operation table. His rear leg was injured, he tested positive for Ehrlichia, emancipated and weak with a very bad case of heartworm.

Our Taiwan partners rescued him and saved him from certain death. Brought him back to health and made sure he would find a loving, soft place in the States. Unfortunately, he still suffers from chronic ear infections, skin and thyroid disease and has severe arthritis. But, despite all this, he is such a super sweetheart. He loves his butt rubbed, hanging out with his cousins at my parents house, and just following me around.

He loves a good bellyrub and will happily roll over to make it easier for you. He’s a great boy who has brought great joy into our lives.