Meet Michael Brewster and his new Family!

Meet Michael Brewster! Unfortunately we don’t know much about the first year of his life. We do know he was found as a stray and was brought to a shelter. We don’t know why he was there or why half his tail is missing. Some things we can’t answer, but we do know this is one loving Golden!

It appears that Michael Brewster has had some training in the past. He knows “sit” and “down”, especially when a treat is involved. Stay is a bit more challenging, but his foster family is working on that, and on the “leave it” command. He also likes to shake or give paw. He is very responsive to verbal redirection. Michael Brewster also appears to be house trained and is crate training as well as he hasn’t quite mastered all his house manners yet. He does pull on the leash, but his foster family reports great success walking on the Gentle Leader. Michael Brewster has very limited social skills with other dogs and will be best as an only dog.

Michael Brewster’s ideal day consists of a long walk, a lot of love and affection, and a good romp with some toys. In fact, he thinks chasing stuffed toys is great! He would also like to chase birds, squirrels and cats, so a home free of other small pets would be perfect. Michael Brewster really loves a good bone or a stuffed Kong in his down time.

Michael Brewster is a playful, friendly dog who thinks that every person is absolutely his best friend. He can be very hyper when greeting and is trying really hard to learn not to jump on strangers. He wants to be with people all the time. Once he gets settled in, he loves to be petted and get scratched under his ears and on his chest. He is completely uninhibited with people, does not have a shy bone in his body, and has no problems with loud noises, traffic or bicycles.

Michael Brewster found his new forever home!