Meet Mickey In The Night Kitchen and his new Family!

Meet Mickey in the Kitchen… nearing 100 lbs, he is a solid big gentle, almost 7 yr old boy who is as sweet as they come. Mickey has lived with small kids, little dogs, big dogs, stuffed animals and is great with all. He is not a jumper, but he is BIG, so make room! He will be the first to squeeze infront of the other furry friends for a pet and snuggle. He likes to lay in the pool, on your lap (or the cool mud), whichever you can offer him.

He likes walks, but pulls on his leash so will need work on these skills. He likes car rides and is very well mannered and quiet. Mickey needs a life-time commitment from his new family…someone to feed him good healthy food, exercise and walk him, spend time lounging with him and understand he’s a big teddy bear lookin’ for love, reassurance and hugs.

Mickey In The Night Kitchen found his new forever home!