Lukas!- Adopted

 Lukas was picked up as a “stray” in LA County a couple days after the Fourth of July. He was not chipped or tagged, so when no one came looking for him at the shelter, SCGRR stepped in. Our veterinarians estimate he is 2-3 years old.

While we do not know his past, we can assume he had some training previously. He gets a lot of attention when he is out and about because is so darn handsome! He has a beautiful light gold coat, a big block head, and gorgeous white teeth he likes to show off with his big smile. He is thrilled to meet new people, and will sit and lean into them for attention. He does well with almost all dogs, big and small, on and off leash. He loves meeting new dogs and will lay down politely and gently if another dog appears shy. It is quite a sweet sight to see! He had a couple scuffles off leash at a dog park, but one dog was un neutered ( he himself is recently neutered) and the other was not a friendly dog. That said, he is mostly fine playing with other dogs without an issue.

Lukas still gets goofy puppy energy bursts where he may zoom around or chase and wrestle his toys. Lukas needs a chance to let out his playful, energetic daily outside. If he gets that, he is content lying around the house with his people. He loves to cuddle and hold your hand by offering his paw while you pat him. He really loves his human’s affection and love-he is a true velcro golden, who loves most being with his people. Lukas often hops up on the couch in order to be in close. He will literally lay on you and cuddle you if you let him! He sleeps happily on his dog bed next to his foster parents at night.

Lukas is fully potty trained and has not had a single accident in his foster home. He has proven to be trustworthy in the house without being crated and does not show any signs of anxiety or destruction when left. He usually will settle down for a nap and excitedly greets his family when they return with toys or anything he can find to grab and parade around. He will jump up and gently “hug” you around the hips, but is easily corrected with “down” if it is unwelcome.

Lukas does mostly well on a leash, but he has a rabbit fetish that can catch his walker by surprise. He is easily corrected with “no” and will stop chasing with a little tug. But overall, he is a pleasant walking partner that could also jog. However, at this point, he is usually pretty tuckered out after 1.5 miles at a time-with more slow, and longer exposure, his stamina will probably increase. He did not show any interest in swimming when given the opportunity at a pool, but he may enjoy it with more introductions to water.

Lukas loves his ball and stuffed toys, but will sometimes steal dirty laundry or a left out shoe to get attention. He does not destroy the item and he will “drop it” on command. He generally does this when he did not get enough playtime that day and wants you to engage. Lukas is a good eater, and a VERY gentle treat taker. He is actually quite picky about his treats, and has even rejected some brands! He is not a begger at the dinner table, which makes meal time very pleasant. He may just ask to lay at your feet while you enjoy ??

Lukas is gorgeous dog inside and out. He’s got a heart of gold that wins humans and dogs over alike. His cuddling and hugging is definitely unique and we think he would love a family that welcomes it. Lukas would do well with a non-alpha fur sibling, but would also be fine as an only dog. He would love a family that has space for him to run and play daily and that is home most of the day. While Lukas has shown gentleness around children, he would ideally be with older kids (10+) that could handle his size.

Lukas will make an excellent new loving, family member. If you have already submitted your online application AND also had your in-home interview, and feel you could give Lukas a great home with everything he is looking for, please contact his rep at

At 2-3 years of age, the minimum adoption donation for Lukas is $500

Lukas’ ID is: 4740