Miki! – Adopted

Miki is a three or four year old love bug looking for a home ready to give lots of snuggles and toys to play with.

Prior to coming to rescue, Miki was left in a backyard with a small dog and little human interaction. A Good Samaritan turned Miki in to SCGRR so that we could find her a home where she would get all the love and attention she so craves.

In foster care, Miki has been a wonderful houseguest. She is housebroken, with the exception of one small accident after a vet visit and no access to get outside. She has caused no problems to belongings within the house, other than wanting to carry socks around from room to room. She seems to stay off the furniture, but loves to jump in bed and snuggle if you will let her.

Miki previously lived with small children in her home and got along well with them. In her foster home Miki lives with another golden and a cat. While she does not seem to want to hurt the cat, she continually chases the cat and is not learning to be friends.

For the sake of any cats, it would be best for Miki to go to a cat free home. Miki gets along well with her golden foster sibling, willing to play for hours on end. She is however turning into a bit of a rascal, consistently stealing toys away from her foster sibling and pushing her foster sibling out of the way when it is time for pets. For this reason, she may be better off without another dog in the house, or in a house where the resident dog will be okay with some competition.

Miki stays in the yard a few days a week while her foster parents go to work. She does okay with this, but would not be happy left alone for long periods or left without a four-legged friend. Upon returning home from work, Miki’s foster parents are greeted with exuberance. She pulls a bit on the leash, but overall does well on walks. Off leash, she is responsive and will come when called.

Overall, she really just wants to please and will be a wonderful addition to her new family.

If Miki sounds like a fit for you, AND you have already completed your in-home interview, please contact her representative at dwismar1@gmail.com

In your email, please be sure to tell us about your family and why Miki will be a great fit.

Miki’s ID# 4303.
At 3 to 4 years old, her adoption fee is $500