Miley – Adopted!

This is Miley and she is as sweet as can be. She has a really funny little groan and grrrr noise that she makes and boy can she snore!

She loves people, dogs, cats and kids. She is very gentle and has great house manners. She would like to sleep in bed with you if she can. She is pretty much a mellow girl and will fit in just about anywhere as long as you can help her with her medical needs.

Miley came to us with an ACL tear so she had knee surgery on March 4th. It is a 6-8 week recovery and she is doing well and mostly just needs rest and a few short walks per day. She is perfectly capable of getting up and going outside to potty but she needs to be kept quiet until she is fully healed.

Miley also needs some physical therapy such as swimming in the pool or gentle stretching. She will never go on long walks and stairs should probably be avoided (a few steps is ok but a one story house with a pool would be ideal.) Miley also has a bum elbow but other than giving her a girlish wiggle when she walks it does not seem to bother her.

Lastly Miley will most likely need thyroid medication her entire life. It’s just 2 pills a day which she takes easily when wrapped in cream cheese or a pill pocket. The medication is not expensive – maybe $30 per month. So if you are looking for a mellow couch potato and companion this is the girl for you. You must convince us you will care for her unconditionally and you will receive unconditional love in return.