Mishka – Adopted!

This little girl is Mishka. Nope, she is not a golden retriever-she is a sweet little lab mix that we could not bear to leave at the shelter when we spotted her there, looking very sad, certainly not a look a young pup should have.

Mishka is a one year old female currently weighing in at about 40 lbs. When she first came to us, she was very cautious and fearful, both of people and new situations. Clearly she had not been very well treated in her short life.

While she has settled in beautifully at her foster parents house, and clearly has begun to bond with them and their kids, she is less happy when new people/situations emerge that she has not yet experienced. She will bark at new people coming into the house, and keep her distance from them all the while barking till she warms up to them and can see that they mean her no harm.

New situations can also spook her-if out on a walk and hearing or seeing something new, she can and will easily spook, and want to beeline back home to her “safe place”. She can be comforted and subdued easily by her foster mom or dad but she is definitively in need of greater socialization with people and situations.

She has been seen by an animal trainer/behaviorist and due her young age he feels that she will eventually be able to overcome this, though she will need training and patience from her adoptive family in order to make her feel more secure and safe. She has no separation anxiety-it is socialization skills that she must achieve. Other than that, she is a great family dog, who will only get better as time goes on.

She is living with 2 young children now and if they are not available to play with she will play alone, flipping and rolling her balls and toys around. We have not introduced her to swimming at this point but she loves the rain and puddles and would probably be your typical water-loving lab.

Like any typical young dog she will benefit from continued training as she is very smart and anxious to please. She does love to cuddle and sit with you, or in your lap, wanting pets, hugs and kisses. She is, in short, a total love in need of time, patience and gentle understanding to help her become the dog she is meant to be.