Meet sweet little Mischa! Mischa is approximately 1 ½ years old and was rescued from a busy highway in Turkey. Thankfully, someone was able to get close enough to rescue her. Even then, she was a happy little girl with a great attitude. She weighs approximately       55 pounds, is very petite and has the longest white eyelashes ever!

She is always happy and when called, she will wag her tail which causes her whole back end to shake. Often times, she ends up sitting close to you or even on your leg as she soaks up all of the attention. She is gentle natured and doesn’t show any signs of nervousness that the fosters have seen thus far. She doesn’t appear fearful and does very well with all sorts and varieties of dogs (unsure about cats).

Mischa is very active when other dogs are around and plays constantly with her foster brothers throughout the day and also appreciates playing with her humans. When she has had enough, you can find her taking a break on the nearest doggy bed or right by your feet but she must be in the same room as you so that she can keep an eye on you. She tends to adapt her energy level to the current situation. She can be very active and playful with other playful dogs but, when there are no other dogs around, she tends to be a couch potato. She doesn’t need to go for five mile walks everyday but a nice walk and or playtime daily would be perfect.

Mischa is a confident dog that plays well with others. She hasn’t shown any aggression but does try to be the boss of her foster brothers and they don’t seem to mind. She is loyal not only to her humans but also to her foster brothers. At the park, she tends to stick close to them.

Mischa has visited many places with her fosters and people have come up and asked to pet her. She welcomes the attention from both kids and adults.

She loves all sorts of toys; stuffed animals, balls, tennis balls, water bottles and anything else in the house that may be fun to chew on! Occasionally she has chewed on some non-toy items such as cardboard boxes and the like, but they were going into the recyclable bin anyway! She is also an avid tug of war player. Mischa recently went to a water park where she started putting her paws in the water so there may be a potential for her to enjoy the water if someone slowly and gently exposed her to it in a positive way. It doesn’t appear that she is afraid of water since the fosters have seen her lay in water puddles in the back yard, but the large pools of water are foreign to her.

Mischa loves food, like most of us, and as a typical dog she has no shame in her begging game. She doesn’t counter surf or sniff because she is a bit too petite to reach the counter, but if you are willing to give her some food from the counter, she will take it from you ever so gently.

The fosters are currently working with Mischa on housetraining. As Mischa most likely didn’t grow up in a home, this type of environment is foreign to her. The fosters currently take her outside hourly to help prevent accidents.

Mischa does well in cars but needs a little help climbing in. She is happy to drive around with you as long as it is to the park or somewhere fun. She loves to sleep on the bed with her humans but sometimes it gets too warm and she prefers to sleep on her own dog bed or on the nice cool floor. She has no issues with sleeping and can sleep the entire night. Mischa can follow the command “sit” but that appears to be the only command she knows and food certainly helps that along. No specific training is necessary but it may be helpful to take a basic obedience class with her. She barks occasionally when she sees someone from the street but she tends to be a quieter dog. She doesn’t mind being outside and, at times, prefers it. She doesn’t destroy anything when she is left alone but it may be a good idea to confine her to a certain area as she is currently being potty trained.

We think that Mischa would do well in a semi-active to active home and, if there were children, they should be older than 5 and respectful of dogs. Ideally, she would like to have her human spend as much time with her at home as possible or she would like to travel wherever her human goes. If necessary she would be ok with being left alone for approximately 4 hours at this time. Since Mischa does well with other dogs, she may enjoy the company of one to keep her busy. It’s not necessary, but without another dog, additional walks and playing time would be helpful.

If you feel you are the perfect home for sweet Mischa, have completed an application with our rescue and have had your in-home interview, please write to her rep at homeformischa@gmail.com and let her know how she would fit in your world.

As a young international Golden, her minimum adoption donation is $1,500. International adoption amounts are higher to cover the costs of transport.

Mischa’s ID# 4636