Molly ~ Deeply Loved

On December 15th, 2018  our beautiful Molly crossed the Rainbow Bridge, but she remains with us every day.

We adopted Molly from SCGRR on August 2nd, 2015 and she became an instant member of our pack.  As best as anyone could tell, it appeared that the majority of Molly’s life was as a breeding female in a puppy mill or backyard breeder.  When Molly was no longer able to have large litters, her owners turned her over to the pound.  Through it all, she kept her loving gentle nature and delivered it intact to our family pack.

From the day we got her she added a sweet calmness to our home, while also injecting humor as only a golden retriever can.  Molly was very beautiful with deep red fur.  She would saunter around like a supermodel, then she would sit down and snort like a sailor.  Molly’s favorite pastimes were to hang out on the bed, snuggle with anyone (canine or human), or follow one of the human’s in to the bathroom…and snort loudly until we pet her.

Molly wasn’t without her health issues.  She began having seizures shortly after she joined us.  They were controlled through medication which was effective, but took some of the pep out of her step.  In the end it was a previously unknown heart defect that took her from us as she passed in her sleep while napping at her human daddy’s feet.

Little Molly will be loved and remembered forever, not just by our family, but by anyone who came by and was loved by her…and she loved everyone.  As in the tradition in our family, we will mix her ashes with the soil in a large pot and plant a palm tree.  This way we will be able to go out and admire a bit of her beauty for as long as we are able.

Rest in peace Molly, we will all be together again.

Love, The Hoffmans