Meet Moose! Adopted!

Moose is a handsome 4 year old boy.  He is potty trained and has pretty good house manners, he usually does not go after anything that doesn’t belong to him when left alone at home during the day. He is not quite perfect, though, he will indulge is some naughtiness when the opportunity presents itself, and it’s alway food related-he is not above a little trash can digging if given the opportunity, or stealing something yummy off a coffee table or counter top that is left unattended , but hey, who can resist those yummy treats and no one is totally perfect!

He loves his walks, and does very well on a leash. He is happy to make friends with all he meets, both 4 legged as well as two-your typical golden retriever, he has never met a stranger. He loves to chase a tennis ball, and chew on his bone. He loves chasing and playing with laser pointers, and makes short work of stuffed squeaky toys. He knows the following tricks: sit, lay down, paw/shake both paws, roll over (not well, but getting there) and placing a treat on his nose and patiently waiting. He likes any kind of outdoor activity, whether it walking, running, hiking, swimming, especially at the beach. He loves car rides, and gets very excited at the prospect of going on an adventure. All that said, he equally enjoys his down times at home with his family-he loves cuddling and will lay next to you on the couch, or rest his head in your lap, or roll around on his back on the ground, hoping to get some belly rubs in-he loves nothing better than attention and affection, preferably nonstop. Basically, whatever his people are doing, he wants to be doing it with them.

Moose has lived with a cat, whom he mostly ignored. He has lived with very young kids, but had recently begun to think that he was perhaps the boss of them, and would take their food/snacks from their hands, unwilling to return it when they tried to retrieve it. He also did not like when they approached his bowl when he was eating, which they did despite their parents telling them not to. Based on this, his family wanted to ensure the behavior did not escalate, and felt he would be better suited to a family with older kids, or no kids at all. To be clear, any adult can walk up to him and take anything he might be eating, whether from his bowl or from his mouth, but with younger kids and other dogs, he has shown signs of resource guarding. So, with that said, we are looking for either an all adult home, or a home with kids over the age of twelve. He could live as an only dog or with another dog-the resource guarding is easily managed by a savvy dog owner via separate feeding areas at meal times. If you have completed the application process, which includes BOTH the online application AND the home interview, and would like to be considered for Moose’s new home, please contact his rep at

At 4 years of age, the minimum donation for Moose is $500.

Moose’s ID #  4772