Meet Mozart and his new Family!

Hi, my name is Mozart but my friends call me Max. I am 1 year young and very energetic. I’m a medium size golden mix, weighing in at 60lbs. I love to romp with my foster parents and canine foster siblings. My leash skills could use some work as I don’t really have any! I’m very smart, though, and I think with a little puppy training I’ll be a model doggie citizen.

I already know ‘sit’ and ‘lay down’ and I’m working on ‘stay’. I’m pretty good at coming when called, too. I’m curious about the family cat, but not because I want to eat it, just because it’s fun to play with. She put me in my place, and I pretty much leave her alone now. I’d really like to have a home with someone that plays with me on a regular basis.

Mozart found his new forever home!