Ms. Streisand – Adopted!

The name I answer to is Sophie, but my foster mum decided I was one classy lady and so she named me after another one.

I was so happy to come into rescue because I was not taken well care of over my 7 years. My ears were causing me to whimper in pain, I had a double ear infection and fox tails inside. Those are all cleared up now and with regular care I should be just fine.

My skin was flaky and red, my coat dull and matted and it appears as though I was probably kept tied up in the yard full time. I had probably not been brushed before, so experiencing it for the first time was magical, plus my foster mum got to make 2 more dogs from all the loose fur she brushed out of me! I hope my new family will keep doing it.

I also like to be bathed out in the sun, the part where I get massaged with the shampoo is my favourite. My coat now is soft, thick, and would make a perfect pillow for a child to sleep on. I love kids.

I have been on antibiotics to clear up the skin infection I told you about earlier that was never treated and I am doing great! My course is almost over and I am now just a little itchy on my tail but the rest of me is oh so much better! It is recommended that I be fed absolutely no chicken or chicken products like poultry fat often found in dog food. A couple of Benadryl a day has also been helping.

I had a grape size lump behind my ear that was removed. It’s called a Fibroma and is totally benign. If you look it up, a fibroma in humans is like a skin tag. Mine was removed and checked my the special dogtors to be sure it was nothing serious, and it’s not!

I ride in a car just fine, and will lay down, but it is not my most favourite thing to do. I travel an hour to work and an hour back with my foster mum but I’d prefer in my furever home to not travel quite so far.

I love my food and eat like a vacuum cleaner or typical Golden, and I am learning to take treats gently. The only command I really know is sit, though if you call my name I’ll come to you every time.

I’m fine with cats, OK on a leash and I don’t mind other dogs at all. However, I might prefer to be your one and only. This is because I want all the love and attention. I crave it – it’s the most amazing thing when you cuddle me, pet me, kiss my nose. I want to be near you *all* the time and do everything to make you happy.

If I am in the deepest of sleeps and you get up to walk somewhere, I’m up and alert and ready to go! I’m not really a toy lover. A ball is ok and I might chase it once, but eh, I’d rather just be with you.

I am 100% housebroken. My foster mum has never heard me bark. I can be left at home and will leave things alone. I have shorter legs than most Goldens so I can seem a bit chubby but I am only about 3-5lb overweight now which can be dropped really fast. I am very sprightly and I run and get up the stairs and down just perfect. The dogtor said my legs and hips seem just great.

I love other people, but you will always be my favourite. I don’t jump up folks, though I will run over to them to get a little pet, but then come right back over to you. I have a rudder that never, ever stops going back and forth. You may call it a tail. Back and forth, back and forth. I am so HAPPY!