This amber-eyed beauty is Mulan, a two year old sweet girl in search of her forever home. Mulan needed the strength of a warrior princess to fight her battle with pneumonia and now that she has completely recovered, she is rediscovering the world.  

Mulan appears to be shy in new situations. We believe that the many transitions she has had to endure while in rescue have not been able to give her a sense of belonging. Now that she has been in her foster home for a while, she is much more comfortable and her inner golden is starting to shine. She is just fine once she warms up but she is not one of those goldens who go through life and meet new people with reckless abandon.  

Mulan is a very sweet, loving pup and needs a family dedicated to working on training. She is house trained and goes outside for potty breaks when the door is left open so could be trained to use a dog door. She is a counter surfer and despite her petite size, has quite the reach. True to puppy-like behavior (remember, she is only two) she will chew on things that do not belong to her. Mulan is very smart so she just needs consistency, love, and redirection. Her leash manners are not so great either. She is extremely curious and tends to pull. She does know ‘sit’ but that is about it. Sometimes Mulan is reactive to other dogs when meeting them on leash, but again, this can be managed with training and not indicative of off leash behavior. Our focus has been to bring her back to optimum health, her new family will need to focus on good citizen training.  

Mulan has done well with her golden foster siblings, trying to engage them in play but they are older and not interested. She tends to hoard her toys and does not like to share them with other dogs. Mulan would do well with other dogs in the home or be fine as your one and only. She appears to have a high prey drive so she needs a feline-free home.  

Mulan has been around children ages 6 y/o and up and loves to play ball with them and cuddle. We do believe that Mulan needs supervision during the daytime past her initial her transition period into her new home. Without companionship/supervision for long periods of time, she may become destructive, displaying typical, bored, puppy behaviors.