Meet Murffy and his new Family!

Hi! My name is Murffy and I have a story to tell you! Once upon a time I was an outdoor pooch, named Buddy. I enjoyed wandering my neighborhood in the evenings, visiting playing children and saying hi to my neighbors. I slept outside at night and I was doing okay with it, I had a lot of freedom but not a lot of attention. My owner decided I would be better off with a family that could give me all the attention and love I deserve and that is how I ended up at SCGRR! It took a little getting used to but now I sleep inside with my foster parents and I am adopting quite well to the comfy life of a inside boy.

I didn’t have much in the way of leash manners as I was usually walked without one, but I am learning quickly. My favorite thing is my walk and my second favorite thing is sitting on top of your feet while you pet me! I am a Velcro 108 lb Golden who loves to be near you all the time. I bark a little at the mailman and the garbage man but other than that, I am very quiet. I don’t play too much yet but I am slowly getting the hang of it. I get along fine with my tiny foster terrier furbuddy, and really love it when the big dogs come to visit me. I haven’t been around cats or young children, but I am as gentle as they come.

I know not to “do my business” inside the house and will go potty when you take me outside. I like keeping my potty business to one area in the far corner of the yard (which my foster mom LOVES) and I sleep through the night without having to go out. I get car sick sometimes on longer rides but on the short trips to the park with my foster mom, I’ve been fine. I’m also pretty good in the house when I am alone and not one for getting into mischief. I am really, really smart and catch on to anything you wish to teach me quickly. I am still a little rough around the edges but given time I will be the perfect family member for my furever home!

Murffy found his new forever home!