Meet Mylo and his new Family!

Have you ever seen a Golden Retriever smile? Mylo greets you with a wide smile! He will be your best friend, devoted to you for life. He has been deprived of attention and would love a person to cuddle with, curl up at your feet while you watch TV or work on the computer, etc. He enjoys a game of fetch, and he may have fun following you around initially as he will want to be by his person. Mylo is ready to move on to the good life.

Mylo spent the first four years of his life living out back and at night he was crated outdoors. Foster home has provided him with the freedom of being in or out and other dogs, good food, attention, and cookies, he likes this and thrives on the attention. Requests are easy and well deserved – looking for love, attention, being allowed indoors, an obedience class (helps new fur friend & adopter bond), a walk, game of fetch, did I say cookies??? Yes he waits his turn!

Mylo found his new forever home!