Meet Nelle, Aggie and their new Family!

Meet best girlfriends Aggie (8 yrs) and Nelle (6 yrs). They are very petite at only 44 pounds each and truly look like miniature goldens! They are very sweet, and very happy girls despite the hard lives they had in Taiwan. These two have been together since early 2010, when they were found abandoned at a rundown kennel in Taiwan.

They still play like puppies but can calm down nicely and sleep through the night. They are well-mannered, housetrained and good with kids, people and cats. The only evidence of their past hardship is they eat very fast. Also they both have had dental work and Aggie will probably need yearly teeth cleaning for the rest of her life. Nelle and Aggie would like a forever home where they can stay together.

Nelle and Aggie found their new forever home!