Nerissa – Adopted!

Meet sweet, petite (she’s only 36 lbs!), one-year old Nerissa! Nerissa is not the color of a Golden Retriever, but she is a flat-coated retriever, or a flattie for short. She absolutely has a golden personality in soft and velvety jet-black fur! We rescued her from a local shelter where she was found sadly as a stray.
Nerissa is the perfect package and you know what they say about small things! She is very loving, affectionate and gentle-natured. She is a little nervous and shy when meeting new people and dogs but it doesn’t take long for her to feel confident. She is active and playful, at times, and calms down easily after playtime. She has medium to low energy and has never shown any aggression while in foster care. She’s a passive little girl and very loyal. She adores her humans and very social and Velcro with people. You will know when she is comfortable with you when you start getting her little kisses.
We are unsure how she might be with cats, but she does well with dogs, as she has made fast friends with her large golden foster brother. She is submissive when playing with him but when she has had enough, she will snarl a bit as if to say, “I’m done, thank you!” 
She loves her walks and pulls a little bit but not extreme as a quick, gentle tug and a gentle “no” will be enough for her to stop. She gets so excited when she sees her leash; she will start prancing! She hasn’t yet found the joy in playing with toys but she does enjoy her cuddles, so thankfully, she is tiny enough to do that easily.
Nerissa eats well and doesn’t beg, counter surf or counter sniff (although she isn’t tall enough to come close to the top of a kitchen counter!) and she takes food gently from your hands.
She is housetrained, does well in cars and enjoys being outdoors with you. She sleeps and snuggles in bed with her foster mommy so a home allowing her on the bed and furniture is a must.
Because Nerissa is a young girl, we feel she would benefit from basic training.  
We feel Nerissa could adapt to most any household; quiet to active, but since she is still a young little girl, she needs a home which would provide a good amount of exercise daily. And, since she is a shy girl, we think it’s best not to be in a household with small children, as she is very sensitive, and possibly being a stray, she doesn’t understand how to be treated properly and gets her feelings hurt easily so a mature household who knows how to treat her properly would be best. She also gets nervous being left alone for very long so a household with someone to keep her company for most of the day is important for her.
If you feel you are the perfect home for our little girl, have completed an application with our rescue and have had your home interview, please write to her rep at and explain how she would fit into your world.
Nerissa’s adoption fee is $600
Nerissa’s ID # 4753