Nico – Adopted!

Hi! I’m Daisy, a 5 yr Old English Sheepdog who is just too hot in Palm Springs! My English Sheepdog body just is NOT HAPPY in heat…. I really want a cooler climate to live in year round…mountains…….ocean? I want lots of space to run, someone who is experienced to work with me because even though I am 5 yrs old I still have lots of play energy and need guidance.

I love attention!  I love kids!  I love other dogs!  And I do love MEALTIME!!!  And if there’s a chance for a car trip… count me in. I also like to nap in my crate daily.

My favorite thing?  I love the groomer which is a good thing cuz Old English Sheepdogs need to look pretty.  I can’t get in that groomer tub fast enough.

I have been obedience trained because my family believed in good house manners for their canine family members. Their home was really busy with kids and visitors and I love that.

I sit, stay and come.  I walk beautifully on the leash…in a pack with my other dogs, or on my own.  I was obedient to an 11-year old girl too.  I don’t bark, not much of a digger and I don’t chew.  I would like a life where someone pets me 24/7.

I don’t counter surf either – not cuz I’m self-managed, but I’ve been trained that its not ok. But when it’s mealtime, I’ll forget all the rules to get to my food. I still have to sit/wait before I eat, and then I eat really FAST!

I have lived in a house with kids and a big male dog and a small female dog.  I love to play.  I don’t know anything about cats but my mom thinks I would be fine around them.  I visit elementary and middle schools to teach kids about dogs.  I am so well behaved and all the kids love to pet me, and I LOVE IT!!!.