Meet Nipsy and her new Family!

If there is any doubt that Heartworm is spreading to Southern California, let Nipsy be the evidence you need to get resident dogs tested and on a preventative.

Diagnosed with Heartworm and successfully treated, Nipsy is now ready for her forever home. She has absolutely no restrictions, just a monthly preventative that she needs to take for another 4 months that the rescue will provide. Her new family must commit to a Heartworm test upon the completion of her maintenance dose and continue to keep her on a Heartworm preventative for the rest of her life. No dog needs to go through this twice.

Nipsy is a puppy at heart. In her previous life she spent her time as an outdoor dog, ignored with occasional ball throwing activities in the backyard and now is making up for it with a vengeance. Velcro and loving, Nipsy is puppy to the core. She has a lot of energy and needs training, but most of all…lots of love and patience. She is treat-motivated, very smart, learning basic commands but consistency is key.

Nipsy was emaciated when she came into rescue so her eating and drinking habits were gluttonous. While she does not counter surf anymore, it is most likely the result of the empty counter in her foster home. She is fed separately from the resident dog because she will eat his food. We are hoping this will change over time as it has improved significantly in foster but she needs a constant eye and set boundaries to make her the great canine citizen we know is in her soul.

Did I mention she was a puppy at heart? She has had a few accidents in foster care but limiting her access in the home to a smaller area where the family gathers has proven successful in her house training and she will ask to be let outside to go. Currently she sleeps in a crate without objections and through the night without incident. She tends to pick up shoes and socks and other human items left laying about but has not been destructive in the home.

Nipsy loves other dogs. She frequents the park where she gets lots of playtime and can run off some of that energy. A simple walk or two a day will not suffice for this girl. Much like a lab puppy, she is high energy and loves to play ball and Frisbee (maybe a fly-ball candidate…did I mention she is treat motivated?) and would make a great jogging partner. If you are a hiker, get her a backpack and put her to work!

Nipsy loves to snuggle. She is great with kids but due to her bouncy nature we think toddlers may find themselves on their rear more often than not. Currently living with cats she is only curious and may chase them (depending on the cat) but will never harm them. She has not had the opportunity to experience water in the beach or pool environment, but Nipsy lives life large so I am sure she will embrace the experience.

Nipsy’s new family must commit to training. She is smart, loving, and has a heart of gold but without direction will continue to be a handful. While she would do great with another dog in the home, it is not necessary as long as she gets the social interaction somewhere. She does require human companionship for the better part of her day at this time until she outgrows her puppy nature. She will need a lot of exercise. A tired dog is a happy dog and subsequently a happy family.

Nipsy found her new forever home!