Nolan – aka: The Big Guy! Everything about this dog is big, his heart, his energy, his love, his incredible sweetness and yes his size.

He recently had a cancerous tumor removed resulting in the loss of two of his toes on his right front foot, but the good news is he’s been proclaimed cancer free – and who needs those toes any way? He is remarkably agile, so a little thing like that cannot keep this happy boy down.

He is thought to be between 6-7 years of age. He loves to play. He loves to have something in his mouth.preferably a ball – but if you have shoes, socks or underwear lying around they will do just as well. He is not destructive. Just needs something in his mouth.

He is learning to love his walks, and behaves well on the leash. He loves to be petted. He loves getting hugs. He would also love to be a lap dog. He would love to romp in his own yard.

He is completely potty trained and does know some basic commands. Areas that we are working on and making great progress are counter surfing and wastebasket grazing (what can I say – this guy likes Kleenex). He is well behaved with the dogs he has met on his walks. He loves kids, but likes to bump into you – so with that and his size he would probably do better with children over 7 years of age.