Meet Oklahoma and his new Family!

If you are looking for a sweet, loving , bright, friendly, happy, all around wonderful puppy- Okie may be the boy for you. Half golden, half yellow lab, this 9 month old boy comes with extra long legs, and an extra sweet disposition. He LOVES to play with his foster golden brother and sisters, and would be very happy with a young dog buddy in his life. He enjoys fetching tennis balls and giving kisses. Okie is often extra cuddly and is looking for someone to shower him with a lot of long overdue attention. He passes cats on his walks without a thought, so we imagine he would be just fine with one in his new home. Okie has had no training in his young life- but responds well and is eager to please. He is very mouthy (meaning he often mistakes your arm for a chew toy), and while this is certainly fixable with some consistent training, he may not go to a home with children under 7.

Oklahoma found his new forever home!