Oliver – adopted!

 Say hello to Oliver. This beautiful big redhead was relinquished to us when his family realized they were not able to care for 3 dogs, 3 kids (one a newborn) and a dad who was in the service and deployed frequently for a few weeks at a time. I tip my hat that mom was even willing to try that would be too much for most mortals to handle, myself included. We have assured them we will find him the perfect home.

Oliver is house trained-he will sit by the door and whine to tell you he needs to go out. He is polite in the home and does not go after anything that is not his, but definitely does love destroying his stuffed toys, eviscerating them first. Like most self-respecting golden, he loves his tennis balls. He is also crate trained, although he rarely uses it.

Ollie is happily living with a young female golden retriever, with whom he has become great pals, as well as a senior male. Always ready to play fetch and chase tennis balls with his foster sister, he can sometimes get a little possessive over certain toys, but not with aggression-more of, Zoey his sister can usually get it away from him, and then it becomes a catch if you can scenario.

Ollie loves car rides-he will eagerly jump in and wait for an adventure to happen. He loves the water and the beach. Likes to swim, but not 100% confident in deep water. Loves to be bathed and brushed. He knows a few commands, and will (almost) always come when called. One area Ollie does need work on is his leash manners-he does pull and hates any type of device, i.e. gentle leader and harness-he will need more training there.

Oliver is a big, strong, exuberant, happy 4-year-old. He is high energy and definitely needs his daily dose of exercise, after which he is happy to lounge around and do some serious cuddling. The old adage is so true-a tired dog is a happy dog, and he exemplifies this.

Thus, we are looking for an active young family who will provide him with this. He has always lived with other dogs, and we feel he would be happiest with another canine companion. He has lived with young children but has been known to take the really little ones off their feet in his exuberance at times, so no toddlers at this point. We do not know how he would do with cats, but he has lived with birds.