Meet Ollie!

Our boy Ollie has been in rescue a while, so if his adorable face seems familiar, it is because he has been posted, adopted, returned, posted, placed on hiatus while we worked through behaviors, placed in a home as a Foster-With-Intent-To-Adopt, then returned back to the boarding facility he has spent the majority of the time since October. Just this week (2/28), Ollie found a foster home best suited to assess and address his behaviors.

Ollie is a beautiful, smart, energetic two year old golden retriever who, for the majority of his life, has been allowed to do whatever he pleased. His resource guarding behaviors are the reason for so many transitions. Recently, Ollie has spent significant time in training, learning the rules and is now ready for a foster home or forever home. 

Ollie has a lot of energy. He needs an active family (or person) who will make sure he gets a lot of exercise. Currently, Ollie benefits from daily training but also is run through an agility course. It keeps his mind and body active and burns that excess energy. A large backyard and a good throwing arm would be a great supplement to his daily routine.

Routine and rules, that is the key to Ollie’s success. He is a happy-go-lucky pup but boundaries must be established (through consistent training) to keep him in the zone. He is housebroken and crate trained.

In Ollie’s previous foster home, he tended to counter surf and sometimes steal pillows or socks of which he became possessive, as well as random spaces. None of this we have been able to replicate because of his current environment, but that is not a home. This is where working with a trainer, with the support of SCGRR, is integral to his success. He has a solid training base.

Since he has spent so much time with us, we have learned that Ollie is good with other dogs although he will not share toys. He has spent time at the park and beach chasing the ball and has been absolutely great. Only when the level of excitement gets to high is it a trigger and things will turn. The key is to moderate his play with other dogs. While with the trainer, Ollie has not been introduced to the pack and allowed free play. Strategies to incorporate play into his routine must be worked through with a trainer for his level of success to continue.

Although Ollie has been in foster care with a self-assured dog, we are looking for a home where he will be the only dog. It will make his transition smoother and allow his people to focus just on Ollie. As mentioned before, this does not eliminate play dates…just be mindful when he is around other dogs.

Ollie needs an adult only home, preferably experienced/familiar with resource guarding behaviors. Willingness to continue working with a trainer through his transition into his new home is a must, and continually as needed. Training is a great bonding experience for both pet owners and their pups.

Ollie is a great dog and has the potential to be the will be the perfect companion. If you think Ollie is a good fit for you, email with a bit of background on yourself, lifestyle, dog experience, and the life you plan to share with this sweet pup. As stated before, he comes with a solid training base. He is just looking for someone committed to his success and you will receive lots of love, tail wags, and puppy kisses in return.

We are always thankful for the training resources available for these pups that may otherwise have not been given that extra chance. If you wish to make a contribution to his rehabilitation, please select the yellow DONATE tab to the right.  Ollie thanks you!



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