Meet Opal and her new Family!

Say hello to Ms.Opal who is a lovely well-mannered companion.

She likes to be with people and she goes in and out through the dog door all the time. She hangs in the back yard, sniffs around and generally enjoys the out of doors. Then, she will come back in for a while to keep tabs on her people. She has perfect house manners. Although she does not like to be left behind, Opal is very good while her fosters are away and she’s delighted when they come back.

Opal is also delighted to meet people and exuberant; she will jump up onto them. She is easily discouraged by an experienced hand and, because she seems to be pretty smart, we think that she can learn not to jump but, we think it best that she not go to a family with children younger than eight or 10.

She knows to go outside just before bed at night (when her foster parents say “go potty), and she responds to “bedtime” when it is lights out and sleeps in her own bed right next to her fosters’ bed.

Opal is definitely a good dog park dog, too. She loves hanging out and playing with other dogs and especially running around with them. She also enjoys meeting and hanging out with people at the park. She will even jump up onto the picnic table to say hello. Her leash manners are not too bad and should improve with practice.

Because Opal was a stray we do not know her real name or age. The people at the shelter guessed that she was 5 or 6 but, the vet who saw her after her spay surgery and removed the sutures and said that she is in very good health thought perhaps more like 3 or 4. We’re going to say that she’s about 5 based on her good behavior, her activity level at the park and her overall spirit but, she might be a year or two younger. What we do know for sure is that she is a very good girl and will make someone very happy.

Opal just found her new forever family!