Meet Oskar!
Oskar came to us from Turkey last year. It is very popular in Turkey to get a Golden Retriever puppy and then once they are a year or so old, turn them loose on the streets or in the forest. Oskar was rescued from that forest and is so happy to be here!
Oskar is your typical goofy, excited, extrovert Golden. He loves people and he loves life. He has a beautiful big blocky head and a strong stocky body to go with it! He is equally good at snuggling and playing, but because of his size and strength he will need a home with just adults or older children, at least 13.
Oskar is well mannered in the house. He is well house trained, doesn’t get into his foster mom’s personal belongings, and is not mouthy with people. He knows basic commands like sit, down and stay. He is fine with being in a crate for short periods too. He is not a super high energy dog – a good long walk and some mental stimulation makes him a calmer dog who will then be happy to nap at your feet.
The leash has been his biggest challenge. He is doing better but Oskar can pull hard when distractions come along so his future adopter will need the strength to control him. He does not like Gentle Leaders so positive reinforcement training and patience will be needed here!
Oskar does like to play with toys and can be a little possessive of them. He has gotten good at trading them for a treat, but he would not want to share them with another dog. For this reason we are looking for a ‘no other dog home’… and definitely no cats!
So here is Oskar’s wish list for his adoptive family:
– to be an only dog
– to have someone around a lot for walks, play and training
– no cats
– physical strength to match his
– some training experience to continue his leash work, or willingness to work with a trainer
If you feel that you would be the perfect home for Oskar please email Lori at regadog1010@gmail.com and let me know why you’d be a good match! MAKE SURE YOU’VE FILLED OUT AN APP AND HAD YOUR IN HOME INTERVIEW
Oskar’s ID # is 4492 and his minimum donation amount is $500