Meet Our Man Chance and his new Family!

Our Man Chance is a lovely sweet affectionate guy. He is not at all bulky for his weight – just long and tall. And he is about as curly-coated as a Golden Retriever can be. He is a smart, curious, happy guy who is wonderful walking on leash and, if you are up for a little jog, he will happily keep pace with you. The rest of the time he is perfectly happy just hanging around the house with his people.

Chance is gentle with people and with other dogs. He has lived very compatibly with children. He is very submissive so, if there were to be another dog in the family it should also be a gentle one. He would be equally happy being the only dog in the family, too, as long as he did not have to spend too much time alone.

He has perfect house manners, is totally potty trained – provided that he gets invited to go outside as soon as he wakes up in the morning; he loves to cuddle and sleep next to you in bed or on his bed on the floor if you prefer, or nap under your desk. He likes car rides, and meeting new people, and is very gentle taking treats. He has the most beautiful coat and fluffy tail, you will want to show it off!

Chance has had occasional seizures and needs to take a pill with each meal to control them. He needs someone who is willing to follow through with this care and to have his blood levels checked periodically.

Chance also has a high food drive; he capitalizes on his height to protect all surfaces from any food that might be sitting around. Yes, he is a consummate counter surfer who will train you not to leave anything edible around but, he minds when you tell him “off”. He would need to be fed separately from any other dog in the family lest he be tempted to help them clean their dishes, too. If you are experienced in such things, it will not be an issue.

He is not one to run for balls, or play tug of war; he is just a gentle guy who wants to shadow his humans, hang out with them and politelygreet their friends and neighbors.

Our Man Chance found his new forever home!