Paddington – Adopted!

Meet Paddington. His suitcase is packed and ready to come home with you!  What a wonderful boy he is!

Paddington came to us after being spotted at a shelter. A little sad puppy who had lost all the hair on his face, legs and chest. As you can see now, most of the hair is back which is awesome!

Paddington is recovering from a skin issue which is totally curable, but will take just a little more time.  He’s on the home stretch now which is why he’s up for adoption!  It is not contagious to either humans or other dogs so Paddington can be around both very safely.

Paddington loves food and treats. We cannot stress how much. You have to see it to believe it – he could probably appear in a dog talent show for who can eat their food quickest . As such, Paddington will need something like the slo-bowl you can see here:  He will also need to not play right after eating, or drink lots of water and rather,  should take a nap like we older humans do; just to let that food go down, right?

Paddington loves his big foster brother and sister. He plays ball with them, tug, and roll around.  He’s been to dog parks and is totally fun to run around off leash.  He’s great with other dogs!  Here’s a short video of him rolling around playing with his foster sister: click here.

He is a quiet boy and doesn’t bark very often.  He  very sporadically likes to dig in the borders to bury his ball or bone, but is learning not to and is doing well.   He’s lived with cats and while intrigued, ignores them for the most part.  He went for his first swim recently and very much enjoyed it! A total natural.

Paddington has white paws, a white stripe on his face, and a lovely white tip to his pretty tail.  His ears also perch right up on his head as he looks at you quizzically; as such we think he’s mixed with a herding breed. This does mean that he has a tendency to herd (push)  at his humans legs so he would be better in a home with kids over 7.

Paddington knows sit and does it well. He’s learning wait, but when food is around, oh dear!  However, because he is food motivated he will do very well in training.  Paddington will eat other dogs food if given the chance, and he likes to tip his water bowl up in the air or dig in it with his feet – he thinks it’s funny! This can be trained out since he’s so young and wants to please.

Paddington is a very happy, very sweet boy and his tail is always wagging.  He loves kisses, pets and being on your lap.   At bed time he goes straight into his crate, and is quiet and peaceful until breakfast.  He is almost housetrained – just a little more time – but he’s well on the way. He has a wonderful sense of humour and fun, and he just wants to be with you. Rolling in the grass with you is something he’d think was amazing.

If you are committed to providing Paddington the care and medication he needs in the short term  he will give you a lifetime of happiness in return.   If this is you, please write Paddington’s friend Sharon at and tell her *why* you’re the right family for Paddington, but only after your in home interview has been completed.

Paddington’s ID#2301