Paddy – Adopted!

Meet Paddy. Not so sure where this big boy came from, as he was with another mixed breed rescue, but he was something of a hot mess when he came in. Suffering from a massive hematoma in one of his ears, which needed surgical attention, as well as undergoing some type of a possible allergic reaction( seasonal allergies, food-we just don’t know) now on the mend, but which caused extensive alopecia of his muzzle and his eyes, along with a raging eye infection, which we continue to treat. He must have been a pretty miserable guy. None of these conditions had happened overnight-he was horribly neglected and matted, and nor did he smell so great, either. Now, a few weeks later, after a day at the spa, medical attention, and lots of TLC, he is definitely feeling much better.
Pegged at around 7 years old, Paddy has a wonderful, happy go lucky nature. He has good house manners, no separation anxiety, and no destructive tendencies of any kind. He walks well on his leash, and has yet to meet a stranger. He is currently living with a 9 year old female, they get along great, and he meets other dogs equally well. He has no problem sharing, and he exhibits no dominance of any kind. He rides very well in the car, although he appreciates a little boost getting in to the back of the SUV. He enjoys the water, and being bathed and brushed. He is a velcro boy, and he follows his family all over the home. He loves to get hugs, and enthusiastically loves to give them. He is also very tactile, and needs to be in close enough proximity to be able to have some part of himself touching you at all times.
Paddy is a big, beautiful, well balanced boy-he is gentle and calm and a love sponge. Despite everything he has gone through, his tail never stops wagging. He is currently living with young teens, as well as another golden, and is doing very well in his foster home. Based on his temperament, and his reaction to small critters, he would probably do okay with cats as well. He is mostly low energy, but super high on the “love me please” scale. Given his druthers, and his loathing of being separated from his humans, he would likely prefer to be someone’s constant companion.