Parker – Adopted!

Say hello to sweet Parker. Your typical big goofy pup, Parker is a beautiful combination of a golden retriever and a labrador retriever, with a sweet, playful personality to match his very good looks. Although still very much a work in progress, Parker is pretty much completely house trained, with only a couple of initial accidents at his foster home. Not much of a barker, he will mostly do so only when he is trying to entice his resident older fur brother to play with him. He will counter surf if given the opportunity, but corrects easily (when caught, ha!) He knows a couple of commands, and knows them even better if there is a treat involved. He does chew, but will mainly stick to his own stuff if given it. On the other hand, the little ones’ toys on the ground are fair game, in his mind. He loves his walks, but could definitely use a little leash work.