Meet Pasa, a recent arrival from Turkey-twice. He originally moved to the U.S. with his American dad and Turkish mom, they got divorced, he moved back to Turkey with mom, she ultimately could not keep him, nor adopt him out, and could not bring him to a “shelter” as what passes for shelters there are abysmal and way overcrowded (which is why we bring them here). So back he came again-this guy should have been accumulating frequent flier miles. But on a more serious note, the changes have been hard on him, and he deserves to never have to step paw in an airport again.

Pasa is a great dog, quite savvy, and certainly well traveled. He is completely housebroken and has great manners. Pasa has been well trained and knows many commands besides the usual, in both English and Turkish. He has lived with other dogs, and for the last year, a cat. He loves people he meets on walks, particularly kids, despite never having lived with them-he is always ready to stop and make friends, and maybe get a pet or two in the bargain. Although he has been in a crate, each experience was pretty negative for him, so he is really not a fan.

Pasa walks pretty well on a leash, initially wanting to lead, but settling well after a few minutes. He can also be a little selective about his balls and toys-he will tug on shared toys with dogs he knows, as well as play fight /ruffhouse- otherwise, he seems a little unsure of strange dogs, particularly around his beloved tennis balls. Like many goldens, whatever their country of origin, he is obsessive about his ball-he will play fetch all day if given the chance. He will retrieve it and just stare at you if you don’t throw it. Maybe let out a little whine if the staring isn’t producing any results, and if he knows where other toys are kept (or hidden) he will go over and stare at the location, likely hoping that if he chooses another toy/ball, you might throw that one instead-he is ever optimistic. He also rides well in the car although he tries to slowly inch his way up to ride shotgun alongside you. We do not know if he likes water or swimming, as he has never been to the beach, or a pool with us or his prior family.

Pasa really needs some stability in his life. He has had so many changes, and although he can, and does, overcome new situations and challenges, he really has had more than his share. Despite this, he is generally pretty well adjusted and definitely loves attention and affection. We are looking for an active home, with someone around a lot of the time he hates to be alone. A home with kids that will shower him with hugs, pets, and love. Some big humans to share along in the fetching duties, as he would like all the arms he can enlist for this full-time job. A yard to run around in or regular access to a large space to run-he has had to play fetch in an apartment for the last five years and is definitely enjoying the space at his foster home. If you have already completed both your online application, as well as your in-home interview, and would love to give Pasa the stability he needs, please contact his rep at

The good news-despite being from Turkey, we did not pay for his transport over to the U.S. Therefore, his minimum adoption fee is only $350, but he is worth twice that!