Meet Payson and his new Family!

Hi, I’m Sam! I had kind of a rough go of it during my first year and was dropped off at a shelter in January with the name Payson in pretty rough shape from neglect. The doctors got me all fixed up and good as new and I came to live with my foster family and have been having the best time. Probably because I was neglected, I LOVE attention and crave being near my pack. I am very affectionate and a very big kisser!!

I insist on sitting on the couch with my humans to watch TV and sleeping IN the bed with them to be close and safe, but don’t worry, I don’t snore. My family has dog beds everywhere, but I want to be right in their lap, so I will do best in a house that understands a 70 lb. lap dog. There’s a cat in my foster home and I could care less about the cat, he’s kind of cool, but he doesn’t really want to hang with me much. Oh well, I have a foster brother dog that I play well with.

The doctor thinks I’m between 1 and 2 years old. I have great energy for playing, but then settle down wherever my humans are and take good dog naps. I walk well on a leash with a harness, but not a leash attached to a collar. I am learning sit and anxious to please. I have been to the dog park and dog beach and a dog party or 2 and am well socialized.

Payson found his new forever home!