Penny Girl

Hi, my name is Penny Girl, but my foster family just calls me Penny. I am a big, boisterous, golden/ lab mix, and my foster family thinks I’ve gotten the best qualities of both breeds!

I love to play with my golden foster brother, and I am always up for a good game of tug of war, fetch, or chase in the backyard. I also really like toys, especially the kind that squeak, and I am perfectly okay with sharing them.

When I am finally done playing at night I am a big sweetheart and love to cuddle with you. I also really love my foster mom and follow her all around the house, lying at her feet when she sits down. I know a few commands such as sit, down, and shake. I am a smart girl, and very responsive to learning new things as such, I will benefit from continued training.

I am housebroken and have free access to the yard and the house all day while my foster parents work. My favorite part of the day is when I go on my walks. I just love those! I have lots of energy, and need my walks to keep me in good shape. I am still working on not pulling on the leash but I am getting better and better every day.

I tend to be a little more timid around men upon first meeting them and I really don’t like loud noises – they scare me. I have a big bark and I like to use it. Since I have lived with my foster family I have gotten much better with my barking but I sure will let you know if a stranger is around.

Since I am still a pretty young girl I do like to chew, mostly on my toys, but in a pinch – hey, anything will do. I have had a pretty rough start in life and because of that I can get a little anxious when I am left alone. I know I would probably be happier with a playmate to keep me company during the day if my family is not home.