Peper *In our hearts

She came into our lives seven short months ago, tail wagging, a smile on her face. It was obvious she loved her foster family but she let us know right away she’d give us her best. We were told she was six-ish and a low energy girl. Perfect, I thought, for that was what we were hoping for. But as it turned out, she was full of energy and could run down a ball on the beach as fast as any pup. We loved her immediately.

For just a brief while, we got to hold our beautiful Peper in our home, in our hearts, and in our lives. She was the sweetest girl anyone could hope for. Then, without much warning, the seizures began. First one. Then another a few days later. Then more, and more severe. By mid-July, she had given us all she could and with a diagnosis of brain cancer, we had to let her go. The vet said we did the right thing as the tumor was inoperable. We took solace in the vet’s guess that she was closer to ten than six.

Now we are sad when we see the places in the yard and house where she used to hang out. But we also know her work on earth was done. She left us with wonderful memories. I’ll always remember the first of many times she picked up her food bowl from the kitchen and brought it to bed with her. I still laugh when I remember that one.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Peper, sitting in the doorway, greeting us with a smile on her beautiful face. This is how I will remember you, dear Peper.

Love from mom and dad.