Percy – Adopted!

I am sweet happy Percy. I had found my new home back in November, but due to work issues my family can no longer care for me, so I’m back ready to find my new forever home!

For only 14 months old I am really quite mellow and quite well behaved. I am housetrained and I know several commands like sit, lay, stay, high five and shake – how clever am I?! I pull on a leash, but that can easily be corrected with a gentle leader and some training.

I am fine with dogs and cats, and am the funny, submissive one. I always look like I’m smiling or laughing – when you talk to me my expression brightens even more as though what you’re saying is the best thing in the world. My tail is always wagging and I just want to be touching you somehow all the time! If you lay on the couch, I’ll lay on your legs if you’ll let me!

I do not like the crate and I will harm myself to get out of it, so no crates for me at all please – not ever. I will happily sleep on the bed with you all night long and I’ll stick to my area of the bed too, or on a bed by the side of you. It makes me feel secure and happy to just be with you.

I need someone home most the time – I have separation anxiety and I will cry and cry if you leave me. I won’t touch your things but it makes me super sad. I am also quite scared of men – I will bark or growl at some, not all, new ones I meet so patience is going to be needed here – it is thought that blue jeans on men may be the trigger than scares me. Again though, I am not aggressive, just scared and patience and training will help me overcome that fear.

I am going to be one amazing dog for my new family if they commit to loving me and continuing training. I am really smart so I will learn fast. I need positive reinforcement and a gentle voice – loud voices do not help at all and will only make me fearful. I love being petted and that is enough for me to know I did a great job at something!