Meet Petra!

This is Petra (aka Pumpkin). She was left to be watched by a friend while her owner travelled. Well, she never made it back, and the friend who has two other large dogs, a small dog and a couple of cats, found it too hard to handle another soon to be large dog, and she relinquished to us. Petra is a little doll-she has lived with dogs, cats, kids, and has never met a stranger. This is from her foster mom, who has a slightly older male golden, starring with her in most of these pics and videos. Needless to say, they are besties.
10-month-old Petra is a beautiful blondie, funny and playful baby. She is highly energetic, very smart and willing to learn. She has long legs, soft ears, bright eyes and clean teeth. She’s such a cutie!
Petra was a timid girl when she first arrived. We were not quite sure what she had been through before she came to us, but apparently she was afraid of all kind of loud noises. Any unfamiliar sound would startle her, like the sound of closing curtains or even newspapers. She felt uneasy on the first day in the new environment. It took her quite a while to be brave enough to even walk out of the door. While outside walking, sometimes she would suddenly stop, probably because she saw something or heard something unfamiliar; at that time if you pull the leash, she would be even more afraid and fight hard by pulling her neck back, totally refusing to keep walking. (The right thing to do when this happens is to get down on your knees, call her name cheerfully and she would run to you wagging her tail, and continue walking with you)
After a few days, Petra has learned that walking outside is so much fun! She’s always excited to go outside. Although she still needs some leash training, most of the time she walks well without pulling the leash very hard. When walking off leash, Petra never runs far away. She would run and play, but she would always come back to you every few seconds to ask for permission and attention, before running off again. She always comes back whenever you call her name! Such a good girl.
Petra is very dog friendly. She loves the dog park! She gets along well with all dogs, and everyone loves her! She ran and ran like she’s dancing with joy in the dog park. She makes a funny noise when playing wrestling with another dog, like a human’s voice, as if she’s so excited and has so much to say!
Petra is a good eater; she’s not picky on her food, and she eats fast! Being food driven makes it even easier to train her. Petra is mostly potty trained, although she still had a few accidents in the house during the first week she’s with us. It’s quite normal for dogs to have accidents in new environment even when they have always been potty trained; they just need some time to get used to the new environment.
Petra grew up with two other dogs in her previous family. An active family with another playful young pup would be good for Petra, because she needs to burn out all that energy. If she doesn’t get enough exercise, she could be destructive sometimes (tearing apart magazines and slippers) A high energy dog takes a little more effort to train at first, but you can teach them much more fun tricks, especially for youngsters like Petra! In just a few days, she has learned to sit and wait for the command “OK! Take it!” before eating her meal, instead of jumping at her plate as soon as the food is ready.
Petra is looking for a home where she can have another canine buddy-she is still not even a year old, and she loves to play, play, play. She should have some adult supervision-she is still a baby, and still needs some human parenting, so someone who works from home, or can take her to work, or only works part time or doesn’t work at all. like a stay at home mom or dad, would be ideal. Kids are okay, and felines too-she has lived with them all! If you are interested in adopting this little cutie, and check all the boxes that Petra need, and if, and only if, you have completed BOTH your on line application as well as your in home interview, contact her rep at We will not be able to consider you as an adoptive home otherwise.

At approximately 10 months of age, the minimum adoption donation for Petra is $800.

Langston’s ID # 4824

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