Meet Sophie

This photo was taken the first day Sophie came into rescue with her BFF Phoebe. Both came to SCGRR in roundabout fashion. Their lifetime owner had passed away and extended family did not have the resources to keep both together. You see, Phoebe and Sophie were bonded for life. They were taken to the Humane Society and housed out of public view due to Phoebe’s medical condition. There they shared a kennel for almost 3 months until a Rescue Angel, one of SCGRR’s supporters, discovered them and helped facilitate their exit to rescue.

Phoebe had 11 tumors all over her body. The largest is the size of a football, encompassing her entire left chest wall. The malignant tumor on her neck could be removed, but not without dangerous risk to Phoebs. At her age, 12 years old, the risk outweighed the gain. She had no idea she was 12 and covered in tumors. She loved going for walks with foster mom around the ranch and supervising Sophie’s toy fetish. Phoebe crossed the Rainbow Bridge in March 2015. Her foster mom said “I took Sophie with me on the day we let her go so we could all grieve together.  Funny, Sophie has never offered to go in the car willingly until Phoebe died.  She just knew her job was to take care of Phoebe.”

Now it is our turn to continue to care for Sophie. Sophie was Phoebe’s emotional support…or visa-versa. They had been together all of her life. Glued to her foster mom, always at her feet (under her feet, around her feet, trying to steal her seat), Sophie’s golden smile always warms her day. SCGRR is so very fortunate that the Good Samaritan who entrusted us with the pair, continues to be her Rescue Angel in the way of sponsorship of Sophie.


Now at 10 y/o, Sophie has bonded with the resident chow mix Bella, where they spend their days supervising the unruly boys. They walk the 10 acre ranch daily, chase lizards, and lounge in the sun…a perfect retirement for this golden girl.