Pink Apple-Adopted!

Meet Pink Apple, or Pink for short! She got her name because pink was her young owner’s favorite color and apple because she loves to eat and climb apple trees.

She is a sweet loving girl. Her owners surrendered her due to family medical issues and they could no longer attend to her needs. She came from a family with three young children and would probably love to be placed in a home with children.

She is very affectionate and protective of her owners. She enjoys following you around the house to keep you company. As a dominant girl, she does well with submissive dogs. Her previous owner says she enjoys chasing cats.

She is house-trained  but she does not give much indication that she needs to go out at times. We are working on her commands – she currently knows sit, lay down, and come. She will need continued obedience training, but she is very intelligent and will pick up lessons quickly!

Pink Apple will need training on leash walking as she can be a puller. She does bark at other dogs occasionally but once she becomes acquainted she is socially appropriate with other doggie companions. Otherwise she is usually calm and quiet at home and she does not dig or chew. She used to be fearful of car rides but she is beginning to come around.

She loves to carry around plush toys and play keep away from her foster brother. She has moderate energy but enjoys snuggling on the couch. She is a loving soul and would make any family happy.