Piper – adopted!

Meet sweet and gorgeous 1-year old Piper! Our rescue saved Piper from a meat farm in S. Korea.

Piper is loving, gentle-natured and has such an ultra sweet demeanor. She is super affectionate as she likes to put her paw up on you almost like a hug. Probably not surprising considering her past, she is at times skittish of loud noises and sudden movements.

She has been with her foster for about three months being treated for heartworm. The vet treating her has verified through her latest bloodwork that she is now healthy. The family who ends up adopting her must keep her on Advantage Multi for the rest of her life.

Piper is very high energy, playful, active and loves to play and run around the yard and will easily calm down when you gently approach her with a soft tone. She has shown no signs of any aggression but she isn’t passive either as she has no problems taking toys away from her foster sister!

Piper is very loyal and LOVES her humans very much and is very social with people. She is curious about cats but not aggressive. The resident cat is not interested in Piper but we think that if the cat was, we feel they would get along well. We know she gets along well with other dogs and enjoys playing with them very much.

Piper loves her squeaky toys, balls and is usually gentle enough that you can take toys from her easily, or at least have another toy or treat to offer her. She has not shown interest in her foster’s lovely pool. She loves her walks and walks well using an easy walk harness. Probably her most favorite thing to do though is to curl up with her human and get rubs.#### Piper eats well and doesn’t beg too much. She doesn’t counter surf but does a little counter sniffing! Sometimes she gets excited and can grab food from your hand but, generally, she’s gentle.

Piper is housetrained and does well in cars once in but is at times a little fearful getting in and out. Again, a little reassurance goes a long way with her. She sleeps with her fosters in their bedroom on her own doggy bed. She knows some commands and learns quickly. She is highly treat motivated so that works great!! She doesn’t bark often and if so, only at strangers. Basic training might be useful for her since she is still young. When playing, she sometimes may nip at your hands with excitement so young children in the home is not the best fit for her.

She likes being outside to run around her yard and play. Piper does ok when left alone for a few hours. She should be left with toys or a Kong to keep her busy as she prefers human companionship.