PJ and Dakota

We are PJ and Dakota – a bonder pair that came into rescue when our owners couldn’t keep us any longer due to their living arrangements.

We are both very sweet, loving goldens. We are living with another golden named Charlie and a couple of cats. At first we weren’t sure about the cats but as days went by we both were ok with them.

We both are housetrained and leave our foster’s belongings alone. We aren’t destructive at all in the house. We love going on walks with our foster mom and dad.

Hi, PJ here, I love chasing tennis balls. I could do this for hours. I also like to chase squirrels, as you can see by one of the pictures I’m looking for that pesty squirrel. I’m a very sweet girl and love being brushed and just hang out.

Hi I’m Dakota, I enjoy chasing the laser pointer with my foster brother, Charlie. I really don’t care about tennis balls. Cats are ok with me. I would prefer just hanging out and relaxing.