Meet Porter and his new Family!

Meet PORTER, a much-loved, 1.5 yr old Golden whose family could no longer care for him. They left him at a church, where a good Samaritan helped him find his way to SCGRRescue.
PORTER is having a great time in his foster home playing ball and being with his foster sister who is teaching him how to behave in a good canine citizen. Porter is working on his potty training and doing very well but still has some accidents. He LOVES his tennis balls! He likes to fetch and catch them, and hide them under the couch and night-stand. He will bark at you to help him retrieve his beloved balls.

He is very playful and yearns for human interaction. He likes to cuddle, but is learning not to jump on the bed or couch. He is very smart and eager to learn and please – he will sit on command, stays in place, walks well on a leash, good with other dogs he meets, but will jump to greet you. Porter is very verbal and barks when he wants your help or hears noises. Porter is very much a big puppy and very energetic!

Porter found his new forever home!