Meet Portia aka “Rescue”

She came to the rescue from Taiwan where she had been kept in a small cage for 5 years and bred repeatedly, then put out on the street for 2 years.  When the rescue group found her she was emaciated, had sores,  a terrible case of heart worm and chronic ear infections.
She had advanced arthritis and disc disease and several other medical problems so she became a permanent foster. When I first saw her at a meet and greet she was sound asleep under a table and I was drawl to her. I crawled under the table, and said, “she’s mine.”…didn’t even see her awake….I just knew it.
Although always in some degree discomfort she had a joy about living, and a beautiful spirit., and everyone fell in love with her almost immediately.  It wasn’t unusual for some one to meet her for the first time, and after 10 minutes with her, kiss her head, look in her eyes and say “I love you, Rescue.”
She had an infinity for those infirm. Whether it was comforting seniors at a special care unit at the VA, children in wheelchairs, even those so disabled they couldn’t speak, but just flail their arms, she would go quietly and stand by them, and they would smile and giggle. We would see young children at the park who were afraid of dogs but would hesitantly come up and pet her as she stayed perfectly still.
At the dog park, although she couldn’t play she would find the elderly woman with Alzheimer’s disease who came with her daughter, and go and lay at her feet. The woman didn’t remember her but Rescue did, and for that few minutes the woman remembered, those minutes were happy ones
Rescue loved everything that breathed. Dogs, cats, birds, ducks, crows, it didn’t matter, she enjoyed them all.
As some would say, she was an old spirit, a truly special lady, and I feel the loss incredibly.
She passed in my arms at home, but with my sadness I felt some level of joy as I whispered to her, she would soon be able to run and jump without pain, swim, and all my dogs who went before, would be waiting to greet her at the golden bridge.