Prancer is a 4-month-old male Great Pyreness mix who is an owner turn in. He is part of a litter of 11 puppies. He has been with us for four weeks and in that time, he has doubled in size! Prancer seeks and loves lots of attention and affection. Like any dog at this age, he has a lot of energy but can also be in a deep sleep five minutes later. He is very even tempered and a great cuddler.

Prancer gets along great with our two dogs. He loves to wrestle and sleep with them. He is learning how to play ball although he prefers to chase and try to take the ball away from our two dogs! We would suggest that if you are looking for a playmate for another dog make sure they can handle his energy as he can be very persistent. An older, more sedate dog would probably not be a great match. Although Prancer would probably like a playmate, he would be fine as an only dog if his new home would provide a lot of loving and a chance to regularly play with other dogs.

We would recommend that if you are interested in this breed of dog that you should read up on them and their personality which is different than a Golden Retriever. This breed of dog needs lots of socialization at a young age given their herding and guarding instincts. We have seen signs of both behaviors already. He has encountered other dogs outside of our home and has done well when meeting them. The same can be said when meeting new people inside or outside of our home.

Prancer is going to continue needing some training. He is learning some commands such as sit, stay, come etc. He is very food motivated as a way of training. He is not completely house broken yet but is improving. Most of the time he lets you know when he needs out. We think some of the accidents are marking spots from other dogs we have fostered. In his zest to play and seek attention he does jump up on people. We feel that because of his growth and potential size he would do better in a home with children who are older than five. Prancer is currently in his teething phase, so you need to be aware of items that would be within his reach. Redirecting him with chew toys helps. Prancer loves to walk but is a big puller. We have been using a gentle leader on him which has been very successful.

If you would like to make Prancer a loving part of your home please contact us at Please make sure that you have completed the online application and had a home interview completed before contacting us.

Prancer’s adoption fee is $600

Prancer’s ID # 4884