Prince Harry

This Royal Goofball is Prince Harry. Although he just turned one, he is still very much a puppy and displays typical puppy behaviors. Harry has blossomed in foster care. He is very smart and is learning new things every day.  While his previous owners stated he was housebroken, he has had a couple accidents in foster care but is improving. Did I mention he is a puppy? He chews…and not always things he is supposed to so his new family will have to be diligent in redirecting him with positive reinforcement. Again, these are all typical puppy behaviors.

Harry is big and goofy and with that comes a certain clumsiness. He loves to retrieve balls and play with his toys. Harry loves company of dogs and people alike and has even melted the heart of the evil ice queen, a snarky girl who is a part of his entourage a.k.a. morning walking buddies, who doesn’t like any other dogs. He also tends to annoy his loving golden foster brother who really has had enough of his antics. You did read the part about a puppy, right?

Harry has excellent leash manners, loves to ride in the car, and sleep in bed with his people. He adores kids and loves to give them kisses, has met the family cat and although just curious, the cat wasn’t having any and hissed. He does not appear to be a chaser, but then again, everyone is afraid of the cat.

Harry needs to learn how to be a dog. He lived a sheltered life before he came into rescue so we feel a home with another dog would be in his best interest. Harry will annoy the daylights out of a senior dog, always wanting to play so a younger and larger pooch like himself would be best.  He is a puppy so he still needs human supervision throughout the day.

Aside from the chewing and the peeing, Harry has excellent house manners. If you will be upset that the leg of a chair, baseboard, remote, cell phone, expensive shoes or Coach bag could become victim of destruction or that he may make a bit of a mess while he is learning the ropes of Potty Outside, then Harry is NOT your guy. He will be a puppy for about another year.We do not get Golden-doodles very often ~ especially cute charmers like Harry ~ so be forewarned that this guy will be very popular even though we tried to warn you in every paragraph about his puppy behaviors.