Princess Floofy – adopted

Meet Princess Floofy. She is sweet as sugar…and has clearly had her fill of muffins and donuts over her 4 short years. We’re working on changing her eating habit to healthy!

Floofy came to us as a stray from the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society. After adopting her out to a family in mid February, they brought her back because she had 2 seizures on March 4. The Humane Society vetted her, put her on 180 mg of phenobarbital daily. They saw no seizures while in the medical unit.

At 10 days, the SGVHS called us to help find her a home – they are not equipped to handle medical issues properly. Of course, our rescue said YES. She’s been seen by a neurologist who thoroughly examined her. Nothing could be found that is causing the seizures. We have weaned her down to 90 mg of phenobarbital a day; and the neurologist wants to see her seizure free for 60 more days before attempting to reduce it further.

Floofy is a normal pup – except for her weight and eating habits. She LOVES FOOD. She loves people of all sizes. She loves walks, and other dogs, and even kitties. We’re hoping for a yard as she loves to be outside and just hang. She likes the pool, even though she fell in by mistake, she kept swimming happily.  A pool in her new home would be great to help her loose weight. We think she was an outside dog, with little training – so a family willing to continue to teach Floofy manners that all Princesses should possess, would be fabulous.

If you are willing to see Floofy through with her seizure medication 2x/day (it’s really cheep) and feel she would love living with your family, please inquire to her representative,  Floofy is in rescue with 

At 4 years old, the minimum adoption donation for Princess Floofy is $500

Princess Floofy’s ID# 4229