Puffin was found for sale on a street corner in San Bernardino.  It seems his family could not keep him any more, but didn’t want to turn him out, thank goodness. There was no abuse in his past, so he is not fearful. He is not the typical rescue dog with an unhappy past, which makes for a quick and happy adjustment to a new family, and no mood challenges.

Puffin is a delightful 11 month old Bearded Collie puppy. He has a bundle of energy and affection, and is bunches of fun to play with and enjoy. He will make someone an energetic joyful pet. He is good at playing fetch, with a tennis ball or his favorite red and green rope pull toy. He likes to play keep-away, but will give up the ball for you to throw, which he loves to do over and over. He is perfectly house trained, and has never made a mistake in our house. We have a doggie door, and he gets walked 3 times a day. While out walking, he makes many new friends, human and canine. He likes other dogs universally, and people think he is the cutest.

He is in no rush to eat his puppy food, and would be delighted to have handouts of people food, of which he has had absolutely zero. He has learned not to bother us while we eat dinner, even if we do so on a coffee table. That’s pretty impressive. He is not fully grown yet, and needs to fill out. His age and activity level mean he needs lots of food, and since he doesn’t gobble food immediately, we have been refilling his bowl every time he eats part of it.

Puffin has a puppy cut currently with one inch of body coat and long face and tail, but when his fur grows out, he will have 8 or so inches of coat like a regular collie.  His fur is fine and soft, gray and white with minimal shedding. He loves to be brushed and gets very excited when we bathed him in the shower.  Puffin love to be a pretty boy!

Puffin’s habits will have to be helped out. He likes to jump up on beds, couches, and people. He is only 35 pounds and is very light on his feet. We discouraged counter surfing immediately. “Ah-ah!” works well. He pulls on a leash some, and could benefit from an Easy Walker, the harness that attaches in the front. If Mr. Puppy outpaces us, the leash turns him around backwards. He very quickly learns to walk at our pace. On a regular leash, he learns to walk beside us with consistent guidance. He‘s a smart boy, and wants to please.

As with all puppies, he loves to chew, and likes all chew toys and bones. He likes to be mischievous in our garden, biting off branches and gnawing on the branch still attached to the shrub. Eating leaves upset his tummy, and his stool got loose. No mistakes were made in the house even then. The vet advised us to put coins in a jar and shake it when he approaches a plant.

We think a family with children, with another young pup to play with, would suit Puffin just fine. That said, he would also do okay as an only with doggie play dates available to him-he does love other dogs, and he is still a young boy. Still a pup, he would do best in a home where he has a human around much, if not all of the time- he thrives on activity and attention, and has lots of love to give. His appearance is so very cute, with the hair in his eyes, fluffy fur plumy tail, and adorable feet! He will add joy, love and action to any household. We will miss him very much!! If you have already submitted an on line adoption application, and also completed your in home interview, and think you can provide Puffin with a great home, please contact his rep at bodie99@cox.net.

At 11 months of age, the minimum donation for Puffin is $800.

Puffin’s ID# 4651