Pumpkin Latte – Forever in our Heart

I pulled Pumpkin from the local shelter end Oct/beginning Nov.  She was with a foster family for 3 weeks then moved in with me and my three goldens on Thanksgiving where she remained as a perm foster. 
Pumpkin had been so badly abused in her probably 10/11 years in what we think was a puppy mill – she was lactating when I got her.  She did not trust anyone.   And, even after 2+ months with me she trusted me only the teeniest amount more.   It was horrible to think of the life she endured.  We also discovered she had seizures, had a large cancerous tumour that we removed, and had a totally broken spirit.
In her time with me, 3 more tumours came. Yesterday one burst, and another was causing her to begin bunny hopping instead of walking.  Her vet and I decided to say goodbye today.   But, before we did, I bought her a big fat burger from the Carls Jr next to the vet. Attached is a picture of her eating that.  PS it was cheese – her favorite thing ever that gave her joy!