Pumpkin Latte

Pumpkin came into rescue in October of 2018.   She was a stray and the shelter called us as she needed help from a rescue.   Around 10 years old, petite at 42lbs, a very large lump on her backend and several teeth with roots exposed, she was in a bad state.  Added to that, Pumpkin was terribly afraid of people.    Once we got close enough, we could see she was lactating – only recently had puppies.  We all deducted she was probably a puppy mill girl, turned lose once her puppies were born, and she was of no more use at her age. 
Pumpkin’s lump was found to be cancer, though our vet got great margins.  However, since then another lump behind her ear has come up and is growing in size.   She had 5 teeth removed, and a good cleaning to help her feel better.  She has some sort of obstruction in her gut which causes her to gag at times when she eats.    We also discovered she suffered from stress seizures – though since being on meds she has not had any more. 
Pumpkin is living with three confident, happy, golden retrievers who she loves very much.   She hangs out on the couch during the day and the bed at night time. She doesn’t go for walks as it just stresses her, so she is living the rest of her time being loved and kept calm.   Her life to the point of rescue has been horrific we believe – probably beaten often based on how she reacts now with people, fed little, and rarely given a treat.   Most of all though, without any loving touch.  This is all changing for her now she has been rescued by SCGRR.