Meet Pumpkin Latte! UPDATED BIO 11/24/18

UPDATED BIO – 11.24.2018

Pumpkin was used for breeding her whole life. In fact, when she came into rescue she was still lactating from having just had a set of puppies. She has rarely if ever touched by humans unless it was to be beaten. She cowers when you go to pet her and has had a horrible life being used as a machine. As such, we are looking for a special person or family that wants to truly “rescue”.

Pumpkin came in with a large lump on her hip that of course was never treated. It was found to be cancer, but our amazing vet got great margins and the results were that it was very unlikely to spread to anywhere else! Great news! She had chest X-Rays and all is great there! She’s also had full blood work done too!

She had 5 teeth removed and a good cleaning – she was in a lot of pain with exposed roots as her teeth had never been looked at in her life. She also bit her way out of a cage or fence we believe. She has now been spayed and bathed – she was super dirty from living outside forever, and now she must feel so much better!

She has been in rescue for almost 3 months and loves the other dogs in her foster home. She loves ALL dogs and is very submissive to them. She has been around big and small dogs and has no problem. She doesn’t want to play with them, but she feels safe with them around. She will not come near humans seeking affection – who can blame her. She knows they just hurt her.

The first day or two in rescue she would run along the perimeter of her new yard trying to find a way to escape and get to her puppies. She has stopped that now and spends her days laying on the couch, sleeping and relaxing. She let her foster mum pet her belly and tickle her tummy today while on the couch, and realizes it feels nice, but she the next time you go to pet her she will cower again – it is going to take patience to take any steps forward. She has slept on the bed with two of her furry foster brothers and sleeps all night long without a peep, but has to be put on the bed.

She must never, ever, be crated – it will send her into a panic attack and bring on a seizure. She doesn’t suffer from seizures unless you put her in a crate or do something to really stress her out. We have tried medication to try to help her anxiety, but for her, it is not going to work. She needs unconditional love and patience and enormous amounts of it. She needs a home that really wants to give time to rescue a golden in dire need. Who will love and care for her, knowing she may not reciprocate love in the usual way Goldens do. Her forever home needs to be in it for Pumpkin all the way and for the long haul.

Pumpkin went for her first walk outside the home today, just to the mail box. All the sights and sounds were a little worrying for her, especially so when a kid shot by on a skateboard, but she managed it and walked just fine and stopped to pee as well. If you stop while walking her, she will cower down to the floor. However, we’ve noticed that she is learning what good girl in a higher pitch voice means and her tail will wag a little.

She will take treats from your hand if you sit calmly next to her. She likes cooked chicken and she had a little sausage stuffing left over from Thanksgiving and enjoyed that! She loves cheese as well.

Please have your application through Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue submitted, and your in home check completed before writing about Pumpkin. Please also be sure you have read her bio completely and apply only if you feel you can offer her an amazing second chance at life and you have the patience to do so!

If you think you are the very special home for our sweet Pumpkin, please write her friend Sharon at and let her know why you would be the right home for Pumpkin. We so look forward to hearing from you!

Pumpkin Latte’s ID # 4533