Meet Quentin and his new Family!

Meet Quentin, or ‘Quinn’ as his foster family calls him. He is a smaller sweet boy with lots of love to give. Quentin was an owner surrender to the shelter as his family didn’t have time for him. He does not appear to have any previous training, although his foster reports he is completely potty trained. Remarkably, given his young age, he has fantastic house manners: no counter surfing, no chewing, etc. He is being crate trained, but would probably be fine loose in the house. Quentin is also very good about being handled, standing patiently while being bathed. He gets a little wiggly with the brush…we think maybe he is ticklish!

Quentin walks very nicely on the leash and really seems to look forward to his daily outings. He is unsure about fast moving bicycles, but shows no reaction to squirrels, cats, birds, or even other dogs barking at him. While Quentin does have quite a bit of energy, he is at heart, a pretty mellow guy. He is learning to sit on command and responds really well to a verbal correction if necessary. Quentin is very playful with his foster doggie siblings. His favorite game with the other dogs is to have them chase him. So far though, Quentin has very little interest in toys or fetching, so daily walks are a must. He does swim, but doesn’t seem to really enjoy it.

What Quentin really does enjoy is being petted and loved on. His foster reports that he will come and rest his head on the arm of her chair until he gets petted. He also does the patented Golden Retriever lean. Quentin would probably sit on your lap if he could fit! That said, Quentin can be a little nervous when first meeting new people. He gets low to the ground and looks concerned. He also gets a bit jumpy, but does calm down. Once he spends some time with someone, he wants to be his or her new best friend. When his foster family is relaxing in the evening, he likes to lay at their feet with the other dogs.

Quentin’s perfect family is one that would make time to train him. He seems to be uncertain because he is not confident about what the humans around him want him to do. Training will really help Quentin bond to his new family, as well as teach him (and them) some valuable communication skills. Quentin will do best in a fairly mellow home with structure and a routine, as again, these things help him know what to expect and build his confidence. Quentin is an incredibly sweet and loving boy who needs a family with patience to help him reach his true potential.

Quentin found his new forever home!