Meet Quinlin, an adorable 5 month old Golden puppy. Yes, he is the complete package: a good looking boy with all those challenging puppy habits!

He came into rescue as his former owner did not have the time or inclination to make it through all those habits. Quinlin is definitely a work in progress. He is crate training beautifully and is excelling at potty training, with no accidents in his foster home.

Quinlin is trying very hard to learn not to jump up on people, other dogs, furniture, etc. He is actively teething and needs help differentiating between good things to chew on and things that should not go in a puppy mouth. Yes, left unattended and without guidance he will happily chew furniture, shoes and your plants.


Quinlin has completed a puppy class, and is as reliable as a  pup can be on his cues of sit, down, leave it, off, and watch me. His foster family continues to work with him. Quinlin will need continued training to be a well-mannered guy.

Quinlin loves to meet other dogs. He sometimes gets a little  shy with new people, but is quickly overcoming this. He walks okay on a Gentle Leader, and will need continued training. Quinlin is a high energy guy, who loves his daily 4 mile walk, retrieving toys, and playing with his foster siblings. He also has discovered swimming and really enjoys it.

We are looking for a family who understands puppy antics and is prepared to give him the training, exercise, patience, and love he needs. With those things, he will assuredly become your best friend.