Raja – Adopted!

This delightful girl is Raja and she is looking for a family with a relaxed lifestyle. You see, two years ago Raja started losing her sight. She is now completely blind in her left eye and although we believe she sees some shadows in her right, in time she will lose all sight in that eye as well. She has adapted rather well as you can see http://youtu.be/-Ts7hrV9ofo.

Raja was tentative the in first couple weeks of foster care; New home, new layout, new people, and a super-charged foster sibling. Once she got the lay of the land, she relaxed like this has been her home forever. She wrestles with her foster sister and there have been a few collisions in the backyard but she bounces back like a champ.

Raja is a wonderful golden girl. Housebroken, she has never had an accident in foster care. She absolutely loves her walks and has great leash manners. Her foster pop says she is the “best walker” he has ever had and they enjoy 2-3 mile walks daily! Because she appears so confident it is easy to forget that she cannot see so we need to be mindful when approaching objects or when other dogs rush up to meet her. She is very friendly but when startled may give a growl.

She has been has been evaluated by an ophthalmologist who has started her on an eye drop regimen (one prescription, one OTC – one drop daily each eye) as she does have cataracts in her left eye. There are no cataracts present in her right at this time but she may develop them at a later date. She does not have glaucoma but her new family will need to commit to routine eye examinations and the possible treatment options should that arise in her future.

At two years of age, Raja was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder and while she has not shown any symptoms in 4 years, she has been exempt from routine vaccinations. She is not a candidate to visit dog parks or community places known for large dog gatherings because she does not have the immunity should any nasty bugs be present.

In essence, Raja needs a quiet, laid back family ~ homebodies more or less, just looking for a walking pal or someone who wants to go on a road trip (she loves riding in the car). She is a very special girl looking for a special family. For those not used to being around sight-impaired dogs it is a learning curve as well. Patience and love is key.