Meet Raleigh ~ Adopted!

If this pup looks familiar you probably recall him from a while back. Raleigh, also lovingly known as Ollie, has been with us for a while. Ollie is a beautiful, smart, sweet, energetic three-year-old golden retriever.

Ollie is not the wild child that was initially adopted out two years ago as Raleigh. Having been returned to rescue one year ago, then adopted, then returned again, Ollie has been to hell and back. Lacking foster homes prepared to work long term with specific behaviors, and after being bounced around more than any dog should, Ollie is currently in a boarding facility where he has been most successful. He works with a trainer and staff daily and has exhibited none of the behaviors that caused his unconventional time in rescue.

Ollie is completely leash and obedience trained. He responds well to a calmer presence, not the hard-handed approach. He can be goofy and likes to play. He loves to play ball ~ a Chuck-it with a few balls will keep him going for a long time.

Ollie has a history of resource guarding but none witnessed by the foster family that had him most recently.  Ollie sleeps in a crate at night, and when approached unexpectedly or surprised (1.e. woken from sleep), has exhibited kennel aggression. This was the latest and only behavior that had him returned to a boarding situation. It can be scary to witness but he does eventually calm. It will take time and patience but his trainer believes this behavior will abate over time once he has acclimated to his new home. He just hasn’t been anywhere long enough. There are strategies to work through this and working with our trainer, we will support all efforts to integrate him into your home. He would be most successful if left to sleep in a crate in a quiet part of the home, undisturbed until morning. Then he is fine and happy to come out of the crate to start his day.

We are looking for an adult-only home where Ollie will not spend a lot of time alone initially. He needs rules and someone with time to integrate him into his new home and routine. He does fine when left alone and while he is crate trained, we prefer that be a tool used at night.

Ollie needs a home with a yard.

He is a young dog and needs exercise.

Ollie should be the only dog in the home. Historically he has been fostered with other dogs and overall did okay, but then he started guarding items which led to altercations. Being we are starting from scratch, we prefer not to set him up to fail.

Cats okay? Ollie ignored the cat in his last foster home so with proper integration we believe it should not really be an issue. This cat was used to living with dogs and was mellow, not a runner, so we must say this is cat-dependent. 

Ollie is currently near Santa Clarita. Here, the trainer holds weekly classes at the ranch on Monday evening, as well as weekend training classes in West LA. It is in Ollie’s best interest that anyone interested in making Ollie a part of their family, work closely with this specific trainer. We all want Ollie’s transition to be seamless as possible

After reading all of this, if you feel you can commit to Ollie’s needs please contact Cheryl at I will be happy to fill in any gaps. Ollie is a great dog that just needs the right family to love.

At three years old, Ollie’s adoption fee is $500.